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Daphne Larkin is the essence of an embodied teacher...Passionate, intelligent, and original. She teaches from the place that her soul has traveled. Of all the teachers that I have practiced with worldwide, Daphne is still one of my all-time favorites.


Yoga is a great love of mine, and I'm grateful for the wisdom that Daphne has added to my practice. In particular, she shows me with asana, there are many paths to the destination, an arm balance, a bound fold, a soaring standing balance. I love re-learning many are the ways, one is the journey.


Daphne is a rare breed of among yoga teachers who skillfully weaves emotional and spiritual transformation into a dynamic, challenging physical flow. Incredibly creative, authentic and accessible she translates yoga the way it was meant to be practiced – leaving you feeling more alive, vibrant, strong and clear on every level.


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